Interested in Volunteering?

Contact Us to Volunteer!: Penfield Library Friends Volunteers

Volunteers make everything happen. We appreciate every volunteer from the book sale volunteers to committee members. We are sure there is a place for everyone to contribute. Through email, Sign-Up, and telephone calls, our community is notified when there are opportunities for volunteering. The largest need is for book sales. We have mini sales and the very large sale in September.


The President will lead the overall Friends Board ensuring we meet our Mission and commitments. The President holds regular Board meetings to review board member reports and plans. The President holds regular communication with the Library Director and staff. When needed they also communicate with Library Board members, Town Board members and Town staff.

Book Sale Co-Chair

We are looking for a VP & Chair of the Book Sale Committee. The Chair leads the Book Sale Committee and the Friends board through the important preparation and exciting execution of our mini and September Sales.

Book Sale Committee

Book Sale committee utilizes project management and resource management to develop a plan, garner resources, deploy resources and actively manage the largest annual book sale in the Monroe County Area.

Marketing Committee

This group develops and implements a variety of methods of marketing the Penfield Friends and its events. If an active team with a fun marketing and outreach agenda is of interest, this is for you.


Our membership team performs outreach to the community to communicate our sales and introduce the Friends. This team manages our database of volunteers and helps manage the volunteer coordination associated with parts of the booksale. If you enjoy events to meet new people, can manage a not complicated database, this team is for you.

Website Implementation

The Friends website is designed to be lightweight for rapid updates/page loading upon click access with a browser. SEO optimized (Google search engine optimized) and written purely in HTML5, the website is state of the art in web coding. To insure support for rapid, multi-page implementation and uniform look, the site uses the most modern method of website formatting, CSS styles. If learning all about HTML 5.0, CSS styles, website design, implementation and hosting is of interest, this team is for you.

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